443 AI

Say Hello to AI

443 AI is pioneering the next generation of e‑commerce and digital sales and marketing platforms for the foodservice wholesale sector, web apps that work on any internet-connected device from touch-based smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops. Our software builds on principles of Artificial Intelligence and is designed from the ground up around the unique challenges of wholesale trading, learning about individual customer behaviour and buying patterns to enable customers to order faster and easier than with traditional e‑commerce platforms. Automated data analysis using algorithms developed specifically for wholesale give our wholesale partners and their suppliers the most advanced targeted marketing, upselling and cross-selling opportunities available in the sector.

443 and the Honey Bees

Communications over the internet are sent and received via various port numbers, much like ships dock at physical ports to load and unload cargo. The two standard ports for the web are numbered 80 and 443, the latter being the one used for secure encrypted communications and which is becoming the expected way for websites to respond.

Honey bees and the honeycomb hexagon relate to one field of Artificial Intelligence: swarm intelligence. A single ant or honey bee isn’t clever, but their colonies can solve problems unthinkable for the individuals. Without any hierarchical structure, ant colonies respond quickly and effectively to their environment. Hundreds of honey bees can together make critical and complex decisions about their hive even though each individual has very little intelligence. 443 AI researches and innovates algorithms based on the swarm intelligence of the natural world, building software systems that use artificial intelligence to revolutionise many aspects of traditional business-to-business wholesale.

In the field of computer science AI research is defined as the study of “intelligent agents”, any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximise its chance of successfully achieving its goals, either through learning and problem solving, without the intervention of people.


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Jason Finch

Helicopter pilot, snowboarder and obsessed with Artificial Intelligence since graduating with a degree in AI-based Computer Science in 1994, Jason says he hates technology but is a serial tech entrepreneur, wrote regular tech business features for Better Wholesaling magazine and developed most of the code for wholesaler P&H’s first e‑commerce platform. He is now an official mentor to the Women in Wholesale organisation and has helped many High Street retailers and brands as diverse as Apple Education, Lotus Cars, English National Ballet and Toshiba Europe to get online.

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Mike Morgan

Mike has around 20 years’ operational and general management foodservice experience, encompassing wholesale giants Bidvest and Brakes, and world-class distribution companies Martin Brower and Weddel Swift. Mike is also a Board member of Savona Foodservice where he is responsible for the entire Oxford operation, delivering right across the south of England. His most notable previous leadership role was during the contract for the supply of food to the 2012 Olympic Games for 3663. Despite having a wife and two children, he still finds time to shoot clay pigeons and travel.