Campaign Formats

We will help you to choose the formats that are most likely to meet the marketing objectives of your campaigns and can work with you to create content. Wholesalers using our e‑commerce software are able to offer suppliers the full range of digital sales and marketing opportunities supported by our platform, from standard display ads such as home page positions or sponsorship of product categories to harnessing the power of our intelligent personalised search engine. Run multiple campaign formats with varying imagery at the same time, targeting each at different audiences and let our software work out which is working best for you.

Creative Visual Ads

Home Page Lead Positions

The first place that customers go after logging into the e‑commerce platform is the home page. Grab attention with the most eye-catching space at the top of the page. Multiple ad images appear in turn and you can choose to book the first or subsequent spots. Use the space for raising brand awareness, showcasing upcoming new products or take customers to a single product or larger list from where items can easily be added to the current order.

Home page secondary ads

Home Page Mid Positions

Immediately below the lead position are spaces for showing engaging imagery and introductory content about your products or brand with a call to action that can either enable customers to add products directly into the order, link to a single more detailed product page or enable customers to see a longer list of related products.

Home Page Lower Positions

Further down are sections for highlighting individual products in “Recommended For You” and “New Products” areas that slowly move to show any number of featured products. These positions feature buttons to enable customers to add products into the order and can be booked by priority of position, with one of the first four positions giving the most attention to your products.

Results page banner ads

Category Listings of Products

Present your creative visual ads at the top of the product listings within any category. Narrow the focus to very specific types of products or book all the positions across a broader range of product types. You can choose to let our software determine which positions are working best for your campaign to automatically focus your budget on better performing positions depending on the marketing objectives that you set.

Intelligent Product Search

Our proprietary search software is integrated into our digital marketing and e-commerce platforms so that you can create campaigns that hook into specific keywords and phrases. Purpose-built for wholesale ordering, we believe it to be the most advanced search available in the foodservice sector, personalising results to each individual customer. Learning about their ordering behaviours, preferred categories and understanding the concepts of new and trending products, it automatically learns what customers want from the moment they start typing.

Suggested Searches

Once the first few letters are typed into the search box our software starts offering suggestions to automatically complete the search phrase as the customer types. You can ensure your brand name or related words start appearing immediately the first and second letters are typed to begin a search. The same area also features a small number of links directly to product information and you may also book one of these spaces for each of your keywords.

Search Results page

Product Results Page

Show either creative visual ads at the top of the search results page or have your nominated product be the top match based on the search keywords used. Words may be directly associated with your product or appropriate to other products that complement your own. Be as specific or general as you like when selecting the search phrases.

Priority in Listings

Be the First

Customers browse categories to explore long lists of corresponding products. Move one of your products, or your entire range, to a higher position in category listings for a broad product type or for the most specific level within a category. Choose additional highlighting options or showcase a product with a double-size listing above all other products on the page.

Enhanced Individual Product Pages

Product page graphic

Enriched Details

Every product is featured on its own page on the online ordering platform. This shows larger images and gives customers more in-depth information about the product, including other related products. Enhance your product pages with honest positive reviews, additional brand profiles and other engaging content, or choose to own the related products to show specific complementary products such that competing brands are not included.

Engaging Content

Work with our talented designers and web development team to create engaging content that can be integrated into the e‑commerce platform in ways that complement the customer’s ordering journey and help to achieve specific marketing objectives, whether raising brand awareness or directly increasing order quantities.

Mini Sites

Create mobile responsive mini websites that appear within the e‑commerce platform framed by the standard header and footer so that they appear integrated into the ordering process. The options are limitless, from including product videos and more graphical content to adding recipes with a call to action that increases sales with direct product links.

Post Checkout Stories

Retain a customer’s attention once the ordering is done by giving them a reason to add your products to their next order. Engaging content shown after checkout is able to include links that ensure your products are already added to the customer’s next order when they are ready to start building it. This can also be targeted at specific audiences based on the list of products the customer has just ordered.

Target Customers

Click to learn how you will use our platform to direct your marketing spend at specific groups of customers by creating custom audiences to optimise your campaign effectiveness.