Powerful Analytics

Marketing your brand and products to customers of foodservice wholesalers has traditionally relied on a shotgun approach to advertising, taking ad space in a plethora of paper-based product catalogues and trade magazines with the only figures you're given being the number of customers to which they are distributed; or price-based promotions without data back to understand the true effect on each customer of these campaigns. Work with us to define the specific and measurable objectives of your campaigns and we will ensure the 443 AI platform collects and presents the right data in ways that help you better understand the return on your marketing spend and improve the targeting of your future digital campaigns.

Information Reports and Analytics

Customer Analysis

Learn more than merely the number of views and click-throughs your campaigns achieved. We can help you to understand the type of customers responding, the actions that engaged them the most and the specific results of each part of your campaign. We are able to break this down into time segments so you can see when campaigns were most effective and, if you're testing a number of similar campaigns simultaneously, we can show the different effects of each option and how the targeting affected the various results.

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Beyond Sales Figures

Find out more than basic sales figures and whether your campaigns are driving overall volume. Discover whether customers who used to buy from you have switched brand and simply been replaced by new customers, keeping sales figures the same when further campaigns could be targeted in ways that significantly increase sales. Learn what type of customers buys your competitors' products instead of your own and whether there are sales opportunities you are missing by not targeting specific groups that respond to competitor marketing.

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